Maya 2020 UV Bug and Temporary Fix

News / 07 April 2020

Maya 2020 and 2020.1 UV Bug

Just a quick announcement that there is a bug in Maya 2020 (and 2020.1 as well) that breaks the UVs on any mesh that uses polyMoveUV node when you reload the project.

This is an internal Maya issue and I can't fix it on my side. It has nothing to do with GS CurveTools plug-in. I've tested this on a simple plane with the plug-in disabled and got the same bug.

I strongly recommend avoiding Maya 2020 for now.

However, if you still want to use 2020 there is a temporary fix button "Fix Old UVs" in the options menu of GS CurveTools v1.1 and higher. The naming is a bit wrong here because it is not an issue with "Old UVs" as I first thought. But it works regardless:

This will only work before you reload the project. You need to apply the fix each time you open/reload a project.

P.S. For those of you who are interested, the issue here is polyMoveUV node and its inputComponents attribute.

inputComponents attribute shows the wrong value after reload:

Where it should say map[*] it says nmm[*] each time the scene is reloaded.