GS CurveTools v1.2 Major Update Released!

News / 07 May 2021

GS CurveTools v1.2 Major Update Released

In case you missed it - the major free update for GS CurveTools plug-in for Maya is finally here!

Update Video

Main new features

New UV Editor:

Move, Rotate and Scale multiple UV maps for your cards!

Draw UVs

and more.

Supported texture formats are PNG, JPEG and TGA

Unbind already Bound (Warp) cards:

New Profile Curve Graph:

Control the profile of the curve along its length

New Regroup by Layer function:

Organize your outliner in one click!

Compatible with Layer colors

New Color Editor with global Preset:

Change layer colors for better visibility.

Sync path curve and Layer colors

Save Preset

Generate Gradients or Randomize


Full changelog is here

Maya 2020-2022 UV Bug

Unfortunately, Autodesk did not fix the polyMoveUV node and Maya Binary format bug since 2020. It is still present in 2022.

Here is a workaround and fix: LINK

Works on 2020 and 2022 without any issues. No functionality loss because of it.