GS CurveTools v1.2 Update - Realtime Hair Plug-in for Maya - Demo
UI Was Reworked

UI Was Reworked

New UV Editor

Bind/Unbind Functions

Quickly Subdivide Cards

New Fill function for Custom Bound (Warp) shapes

GS CurveTools v1.2 Update - Realtime Hair Plug-in for Maya - Demo

GS CurveTools v1.2 Plug-in available here:
or here:
For Maya 2017-2022
Full Changelog:
Hello everyone! Here is a demo project for a new major free update for GS CurveTools v1.2 plug-in for Maya!
With the new features introduced in v1.2, editing UVs is much easier now.
Dedicated UV editor is now available.
Swapping texture maps, adjusting UVs is very fast and fluid.
Unbind and Bind back your cards to edit and create complex braids and shapes.
Fill function that will fill the space between selected Bound cards (complex braids etc.)
Up to 40 Layers to work with.
Subdivide Cards to increase the density of your hair.
Fully Reworked UI.
Mirror Cards.
Control Profile along the Curve.
And much more!
4K Texture map was rendered using X-Gen and Arnold.
Scene was rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 3.
Not optimized tri-count: 55k (Can be optimized down to 40k without significant loss in quality)
All the hair cards and braids was manually placed using the plug-in.
Head geo is from "Slim Female Basemesh" by Eugene Fokin

More artwork
George sladkovsky project thumb