GS CurveTools v1.2 - Maya Plug-in. Curve Controlled Hair Cards, Pipes and more.


GS CurveTools v1.2

New Major Update is here!

V1.2 New Features:

V1.1 New Features:

V1.0 Full Tutorial:

GS CurveTools is a powerful tool used to create and manipulate geometry cards and tubes (Curve Cards and Curve Tubes). GS CurveTools can be used in numerous workflows, from hair card creation, to creation of complex procedural braided cables and much more.

The main power of GS CurveTools is its ability to quickly create complex network of nodes, tailored for fast manipulation of geometry in a smooth and natural way.

One of the main focuses of GS CurveTools is Hair Cards workflow. Almost every game out there uses some form of hair cards to create complex and beautiful hair styles for its main characters. To be able to quickly create new hair cards, convert curves to hair cards and quickly change its parameters is very important part of GS CurveTools workflow.


If you have any issues with the UVs in Maya 2020-2022, this is totally fine and fixable. 

Here's how to fix UVs: LINK


Online Documentation

New Features v1.2.5: Blog Post

New Features v1.2.4: Blog Post

New Features v1.2: Blog Post

New Features v1.1: Blog Post

Quick Tutorial v1.0: Blog Post

Main Features of GS CurveTools:

  • Full support of High DPI resolutions (from 1080p to 4k+)
  • Fast creation of procedural geometry cards and tubes
  • Conversion of already existing curves to curve cards/tubes
  • Ability to quickly populate empty spaces between curves with new curve cards/tubes
  • Advanced control over geometry. Twist and change Width at any point on the curve!
  • Combine multiple cards and tubes and control them with one curve using Warp function.
  • Intuitive and fast controls for created curves
  • Powerful layer system for create curves/tubes
  • Fast selection and grouping of curves
  • Transfer of attributes and UVs between curve cards
  • Interactive rebuild of existing curves for additional complexity or vice versa, to simplify control.
  • Duplicate entire network of curves with one button
  • Randomize created curves to add realism
  • Smooth/Extend/Reduce created curves
  • Control multiple curves with Control Curve deformer
  • Custom window for all curve controls


  1. Unpack and copygs_curvetools folder to:
    • Windows: Documents/Maya/{Maya_Version}/scripts/

    • Mac: {Your_Mac_Name}/⁨Users⁩/{User_Name}/⁨Library/⁨Preferences⁩/⁨Autodesk⁩/⁨maya/{Maya_Version}/scripts/⁩

  2. Run Maya
  3. Copy and paste this command to Python Command Field (Switch from MEL by clicking on it) or to Script Editor (Python Tab):

import gs_curvetools.init as ct_init;from imp import reload;reload(ct_init);ct_init.Init();

IMPORTANT: There should be no spaces or tabs before this command!

      4. Run the code (Press Enter if using the Python Command Field or press on triangle if using Script Editor Window)

Installation with screenshots: LINK

ASK ON SOCIAL MEDIA (Report Bugs and Send Suggestions):

Discord Server



  • MAYA LT is NOT supported.
  • Tested and supported: Maya 2018-2023 for Windows*
  • In Beta: Maya 2018-2023 for Mac*
  • NOT SUPPORTED: Linux and Maya LT.
  • Maya 2017 should work, but it will have no support or bug fixes

* Please use the latest patches if possible. For example: Maya 2018.1 has issues that were fixed in the latest 2018.6 and are essential for GS CurveTools functionality. Thank you!


  1. Delete the old gs_curvetools folder and replace it with the new one.
  2. Repeat the installation steps.


All future updates are free!

Release Notes

Version 1.2.8

New Features:

  • All the relevant buttons now have (optional) tooltips. Can be disabled in the Options.


  • Convert Curves is now out of beta (in the Options menu):
    • Card -> Card conversion will now correctly keep original orientation and profile.
    • Will now retain original materials on conversion.
    • Performance was improved.
    • Twist, Width and Profile Graphs are now applied to ALL selected curves.
  • Card to Curve algorithm was rewritten and improved:
    • Better compatibility and reliability for one-sided cards with different vert orders.
    • Optimization and speed-up of the algorithm
    • Cards with no width spans are now correctly converted.
  • Massive improvement of the Mirror operation:
    • Improved orientation and profile calculation during mirror for all Warp and Extrude cards.
    • Speed-up and optimization.
    • Much less orientation “drift” when using “Flip”.
  • Orient to Normals algorithm improvements:
    • Optimization and speed-up.
    • Increased precision with less iterations.
    • Cards will not flip or change orientation on continuous use on already aligned cards.
    • Reduced angle tolerance to 1 degree by default.
  • Select CVs slider was improved. Current hotkeys:
    • Shift + Drag: additive selection.
    • Alt + Drag: deselect CVs.
    • Ctrl + Drag: allows for slider movement without selection change.
  • Expanded supported texture formats list for the UV editor. Added TIFF (TIF).
    • Full list of supported texture formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIF, TIFF, TGA (24bit, no RLE).
    • Also added additional info for the “Wrong format” error message. It will now specify that TGA has no support for RLE compression.
  • Minor improvements for curve creation algorithm (better refinement and divisions calculation)
  • Some minor UI adjustments

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a hotkey conflict with layer selection:
    • Holding Ctrl + clicking on Layer should now select the contents of that layer, and deselect everything else like intended.
    • Show Always on Top hotkey changed to Ctrl+Alt.
  • Fixed a bug where “Layer Isolation Selection” hotkey was not working properly. Now holding Shift+Alt and clicking on Layer will isolate select this layer properly.
  • Transfer UVs will now correctly transfer H-Flip UV attribute.
  • Select CVs slider will no longer deselect the last selected CV when using subtractive mode.


Version 1.2.7

New Features:

  • Maya 2023 Support
  • Global and Per-Layer Always-On-Top toggle for curves (“Per-Layer” is only for Maya 2022+)
  • (BETA) Convert one type of Card/Tube to the other type (Warp->Extrude, and vice versa).
  • Might have issues with orientation when converting
  • Might have other issues with old Cards/Tubes
  • Recommended to use only on newly created cards/tubes (v1.2.7+) and NOT on the old ones.


  • Scale Factor is now stored in the scene as well as in every created curve. This will allow for better compatibility with other functions and more reliable workflows in the future.

Bug Fixes:

  • UV Bug that was in 2020 and 2022 was fixed in 2023 by Autodesk. 2020 and 2022 still have it, obviously.


  • Maya 2017 support is dropped. Might work just fine with this update, but there will be no bug fixes for 2017.


GS CurveTools v1.2.6


  • More precise generation of Control Curve deformer. Generated control curve should now better match the curvature of the selected curves.


  • Control Curve deformer will now be properly generated even if the selected curves had the root CVs deleted at some point.
  • Mirror and Flip functions will never invert the Width graph after the fix. Before the fix it was the case for some users.


GS CurveTools v1.2.5

This update is recommended for all users.

To update delete the folder and repeat the installation steps.

New Features:

  • Layer Names - new parameter for every layer. Regroup by Layer will now use the custom names when naming the layers. Custom names can be edited in the Layers Customization window and stored as a global preset, just like the layer colors.
  • Layer Names & Colors - new button on the main UI. Opens the name and color editor for layers.
  • Full Non-Square Texture Map Support - GS CurveTools UV editor will now properly stretch and scale non-square texture maps (diffuse and alpha map), just like the native Maya UV editor does. Coverage and Translate Frame can be used to further edit the position and scale of the texture map if Use Transforms toggle is enabled.
  • UV Editor Texture Controls - new section in the UV editor:
  • Transform - this toggle will enable/disable texture map transformations based on the place2dTexture node parameters: Coverage and Translate Frame. Offset parameter is NOT supported. Both diffuse and alpha map should have the same Coverage and Translate Frame parameter for this to work.
  • Alpha - this toggle will enable/disable the use of Alpha map that is connected to the Transparency plug of the material (from separate files or the same file).
  • UV Editor Colors - new section in the UV editor with 3 editable color swatches for background, grid and frame colors of the UV editor viewport.


  • Regroup by Layer - will no longer use Group Name field as a default name. Group Name field is only used by the Group Curves button to set the name of the new group. Regroup by Layer will use the default name (CT_Layer#) or the name from the Layers Customization window.
  • Changed the Default Grey Color for layers to default (0, 0, 0) color. Reset layer will rest to this color as well.
  • Some Tooltips added to the UV editor.
  • UV Editor Cache - added Texture Map Caching to speed up the UV Editor. Texture map is loaded only once, and if there are no changes to the file it will be loaded from the cache every subsequent time this texture map is needed. Changes to the Diffuse or Alpha map will cause a reload from the disc. Before it was only reloaded if the path changed.


  • Add Selection to Layer will now properly sync curve colors if Sync Color Layer to Layer Color is selected in the options.
  • Zoom and Focus Events should now properly re-render the texture map in the UV editor to match the screen resolution. Should eliminate shimmer effect on square texture maps completely.
  • Fixed Some Lags during zooming in the UV editor.


GS CurveTools v1.2.4

This update is recommended for all users.

To update delete the folder and repeat the installation steps.

New Features:

  • Orient to Normals function is now available in the Curve Control Window. Orients selected cards to the target mesh. Change number of iterations or angle tolerance to get the result you want. Target mesh is selected and remembered throughout the session. Orient function has dedicated hotkey available.
  • Mass Bind option is now available in the options menu (“Bind to All Available Empty Curves”) Enabling this option will bind selected geo or hair clump to all selected “empty” curves. Previous attributes are retained on the target curves (if they had them from the start).


  • Mirror function was improved. Single cards are now oriented properly during mirror process. Bound cards (clumps) orientation accuracy depends on the complexity of the clump (the more variation, the less accuracy).
  • Fix Broken Graphs option is now available in the options menu. Using this fix will attempt to fix all the broken graphs in the scene. Until Autodesk fixes this issue, this is a viable workaround.
  • Reset Button on graphs is now improved to cover the edge case of “broken graphs” issue in Maya.


  • Shift + Hotkey combination is now available. Making a hotkey using only Shift+Hotkey combination will now work properly with functions that accept Shift modifier (small triangle on the button)
  • Profile Curve will now work properly when using Add/Fill functions between cards with different number of nodes on said graphs.
  • Mac Icons will now load properly on some OSX configurations.
  • Numerous other small code adjustments and improvements.


GS CurveTools v1.2.3

Recommended for all users


  • Added a warning message about Maya 2020-2022 UV bug with the link to the fix documentation.


  • Only for Maya 2020.4. Unbind fixed. New cards will have the fix built-in. Old cards must be fixed using Fix Maya 2020.4 Unbind Function from the Options Menu. 
  • Unbind Fixed for Extrude Cards/Tubes
  • Duplicate Progress Bar bug was fixed in all versions of Maya.
  • Fill function will no longer throw an error if user selected incompatible curves. Those curves will be ignored.
  • Progress bar on Fill function was fixed.


GS CurveTools v1.2.2

ONLY for MAYA 2020.4 users!

Ignore this update if you had no issues with the plug-in.


  • New Warp Curves created in Maya 2020.4 will now behave like intended.
  • Maya 2020.4 Twist and Inverted Twist attribute fix added. To use the fix, run the command in Options -> Fix Maya 2020.4 Twist Attribute


GS CurveTools v1.2.1

Ignore this update if you had no issues with the plug-in.


  • Maya 2017 and older 2018 updates (<2018.6) errors fixed


GS CurveTools V1.2 (MAJOR UPDATE)

NOTE: Although this version is backwards compatible with older projects, please finish your current projects in the old version before updating. To update delete the old folder and repeat the installation steps.

New Features:

  • Fully Reworked Main UI.

  • Fully Reworked Curve Control Window

  • Full support for Python 3 and Maya 2022 (also supports python 2 compatibility mode for 2022)

  • Bind and Unbind functions (former Warp function). You can now unbind already bound cards, change them, add new cards and bind back to the original curve.

  • Curve attributes retention. Curves will now remember their attributes even if you unbind them. Binding back will restore the previous attributes. Can be disabled in options.

  • New Fill function. This function works similar to Add Cards/Tubes, but also supports custom bound cards/geometr. All card types are now supported, including Bound cards.

  • New Subdivide function. This function will subdivide any selected Card/Tube and replace it with copies of itself based on the Add slider. Increase the density of your cards with ease!

  • New Card to Curve function. This function will try to replace any selected cards (one sided geometry) with curves based on their topology. Only one sided cards are supported at this moment. Tubes and other complex shapes will not work.

  • New Regroup by Layer function with color mode and custom naming support. Organize your scene in one click!

  • New Mirror function. Mirror or Flip your cards.

  • New Inverted Twist attribute. Twist the root of the curve (Fully compatible with normal Twist and Twist Graph)

  • New Profile Graph. Change the profile of the card along the length of the curve!

  • New H-Flip UV Attribute. Horizontally flip UV on any card!

  • New UV Editor Window. Interface for all your UV editing needs. No more sliders!:

    • Change UVs on any number of selected cards
    • Full support of Bound (old Warp) curves. Change UVs without unbinding.
    • Select, Move, Rotate, Scale multiple UVs
    • Draw UV rectangle to quickly change UVs
    • Horizontal or Vertical Flip of UV card
    • Selected UVs List.
    • Reset UV, Focus View, Isolate Select and Show All functions
    • Supports TGA, PNG and JPG(JPEG) texture maps. Other formats may be supported with minor updates.
  • New Import and Export Curves function in the Options menu. You can now safely export and import your curves to be stored as presets!

  • New Alt Mode for Layers. Hold Alt + Click to quickly show/hide layers.

  • User can now switch between 20, 30 and 40 Layers mode. Twice as many layers to work with.

  • Layers can now be used in Numeric Only Mode. A-J letters can be dynamically switched to 10-19 layer numbers.

  • New Custom Colors Window. Colorize your Layers, Save as global Preset, Load on any project, Apply Colors to Layers, Gradient and Randomize functions.

  • New Color Functions. You can now Sync your Layer Color to the Curve Color and sync your Layer Color to the Outliner (Regroup by Layer function will apply colors)

  • New dedicated Color Picker for Curve Color.


  • Renamed Warp Function to Bind.
  • Bind (old Warp) now has an option to Duplicate before Bind. This will leave the original cards behind and create a duplicate for Binding.
  • Bind will now duplicate original cards if Shift button is pressed with the Bind button.
  • Redundant UV attributes were removed (still available for old projects). Rotate Tip and Rotate Root attributes were deprecated.
  • Numerous rewrites and code improvements.
  • Warp Mode is now the default mode for curve creation.
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