Nordic Orc Warrior - Game Model

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Nordic Orc Warrior - Game Model

Here is a character I just finished (from my own concept). A little bit of a mash-up between Nordic and Orcish styles. Got kinda carried away with fur and fur cards here but the end result looks alright I think ;)
Had a lot of fun and discovered a bunch of techniques during this project. In the future, fur will be made a little bit differently (found a few ways to make it faster and better looking). But for this character I'll leave it like that.
I'm not a concept artist, but that was a good practice and I will definitely do this kind of concepting in the future!
Character with Hair and Fur: 85k Tris (6x 4k Texture map, 1x 2k Texture map, 3x 1k Texture map)
Axe: 3.3k Tris (1x 4k Texture map)
P.S. Resolution and number of maps is exaggerated for presentation purposes. I can probably optimize it quite a bit, as required for a real in-game character.
P.S.2 Re-uploaded because of the added features, fixed stuff etc.

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