GS CurveTools v1.2.5 Update - UV Editor & Layer Management Improvements

News / 24 January 2022

GS CurveTools v1.2.5 Update

UV Editor Non-Square Texture Maps Support

This update for GS CurveTools is focused on improving the UV Editor and Layer Management System.

IMPORTANT: when updating you must reinitialize the plug-in using the initialization command from the installation steps.

UV Editor Non-Square Textures Support

UV Editor was introduced in v1.2 in order to get rid of the tedious UV setup process. However, before v1.2.5 UV Editor was not compatible with non-square texture maps, and was displaying them incorrectly. There were workarounds, but in general that was a serious limitation to its functionality.

With v1.2.5 that was completely fixed and now any texture resolution combinations are supported. 2048x4096 or 4096x1024 or any other resolution will be correctly displayed.

UV Editor Alpha Map Support

Alpha map and Transparency is now supported as well. You can enable the transparency in the new Options tab by clicking on the Alpha toggle.

Alpha map must be connected to the Transparency plug in the material.

UV Editor Custom Viewport Colors

UV Editor can now be customized using Editor Colors color swatches. They control background(1), grid(2) and frame colors(3):

Those colors will be saved automatically and used in every project. To reset the colors, reset the plug-in settings to the default.

UV Editor Texture Map Transforms

Texture map preview in the UV Editor will now use Translate Frame and Coverage parameters from the place2dTexture node. Texture map will be transformed based on those parameters if Transform toggle is enabled.

Layer Customization Improvements

With v1.2.5 there is a new field in the Layer Customization Window (previously Custom Colors Window) that allows the user to name each layer individually and store those names as a global preset.

Whenever Regroup by Layer button is pressed, those names will be used as new names for the generated groups.

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to press "Set To Scene" to apply the changes to the scene or "Save to Preset" to save global preset.

More info is in the documentation: LINK

Update Video: