GS CurveTools v1.1 Major Update Released! Free Update and New Features!

Tutorial / 10 March 2020

GS CurveTools v1.1 Major Update

Hello everyone and welcome to this quick overview of the new features of GS CurveTools v1.1!

Plug-in is available on my ArtStation page. Update is free for all the previous customers (ArtStation -> Purchases -> My Library)

Update Video:

Warp Mode:

In this major update I've added a brand new mode for curves and tubes - Warp Mode.

This mode mirrors the functionality of the old "Extrude" mode (it creates, converts and adds cards/tubes), but it creates new type of cards and tubes - Warp Card and Warp Tube.

Maybe one of the most anticipated features of Warp Mode - twist at any point of the curve! 

Yes, you can now not only twist uniformly but also choose where to twist your cards!

Same control graph is available for Width. You can now change width along the curve with any number of control points.

You can also unlock length of the geometry and it will no longer stretch with the curve:

These new cards and tubes are fully compatible with all the previous functions and have some additional controls available.

Warp Function:

This new button expands upon warp functionality by allowing you to attach (bind) any geometry AND any number of curves to a single cuve.

Original geometry and even curves will keep their shape, so you can create braids or clumps of hair cards and then control them with a single curve. 

This single curve will have twisting, scaling, orientation and much more options available.

Attaching Geometry:

Attaching Curves:

Editing Already Attached Curves:

*This function should not be confused with the old "Control Curve" function. Control Curve had no control over twisting/orientation and was, in general, very limited.

Extract Selected or Extract All:

You can quickly extract geometry from selected curves or even extract and combine all the geometry from all the layers in one click.

New Layer Filters:

You can now quickly show/hide any component of the card in all layers!

Colorize Layers and Check UVs:

You can now switch between original texture and checker texture in one click:

New Online Documentation:

And much more!

You can see all the old features in this Full Tutorial Video from v1.0: