GS CurveTools Geometry Deformation During Bind

Tutorial / 22 May 2023

GS CurveTools geometry deformation during Bind

In the latest version (v1.3) of GS CurveTools and introduction of Auto refine mode there were some changes to the default attributes. This can affect geometry that was attached to a curve using Bind. Geometry might appear distorted (see video below) and same goes for the textures.

This will only happen if you are using very low resolution curves (4-5 CVs) as a base for Bind and can be resolved by rebuilding the curve (using Rebuild slider) to higher CV count or by simply increasing the SamplAcc value in the Curve Control Window -> Other.

Alternatively, you can disable Auto mode and change the Refine value manually. This might significantly decrease curve responsiveness when dragging CVs (or when modifying multiple curves at a time), so use it only if you really need it.

So to recap, if you notice any unusual geometry deformations when using Bind (or Warp Cards/Tubes) on lower CV counts - increase the SamplAcc or use manual Refine.