Regarding Maya 2022 update and GS CurveTools and GS Toolbox

News / 26 March 2021

Regarding Maya 2022 update

Since Autodesk changed the version of Python for Maya 2022 from 2.7 to 3.7 (quite the leap), the GS Toolbox and GS CurveTools must be updated before they will work in the new version.

The update process from python 2.7 to 3.7 is fairly simple and no major issues with the compatibility so far, so the plug-ins will work just fine on 2022 after the update.

Maya 2022 in compatibility mode

Another piece of good news is that you can actually run Maya 2022 in Python 2 compatible mode and the plug-ins work just fine! It's not a final fix or anything, and the update to the plug-ins will ensure that no such workarounds are necessary, but if you wish you can work in Maya 2022 already.

Here are some instructions from Autodesk: LINK 

You simply need to add a command to the Maya link path -pythonver 2 and that's it:

Maya 2020 UV Bug is still there in 2022 (Thanks Autodesk, very cool)

On the other hand, UV bug that was present in Maya 2020 is still there in 2022. Autodesk, as always, refuses to fix "minor" bugs and their polyMoveUV node is still broken. 

Workaround/fix for CurveTools works just fine in 2022 as well, and saving your project as Maya ASCII (.ma) file fixes the issue.
Here is more information regarding the Maya 2020 (and 2022) UV bug and how to fix it:  LINK 

All in all this update seems to be fairly non-intrusive and did not break GS CurveTools and Toolbox too much.

Thank you all for your continued support and have a great day!